Since 1971, Corsicana Mattress Company has been exceeding retailers' highest expectations. Whether providing best-in-class personalized service, developing high-quality sleep solutions or continuously improving our world-class manufacturing capabilities, we deliver unmatched customer care and exceptional mattresses each and every time.

Our products range from promotional bedding to premium mattresses featuring the latest in sleep technology.. It's the straightforward simplicity of delivering the most comfort and best quality at the highest value that makes Corsicana mattresses an easy choice.


Mattress Types


Our Premium InnerSprings mattresses are backed by durability and proven technology. Reversing offset coils helps to reduce motion transfer and prevent roll-together caused by mattress indentions. In addition, smaller coil diameters create larger surface coverage and increased coil counts. The open, unknotted design and edge to edge support makes our Premium InnerSpring collections a long-lasting solution to great sleep.

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Pocket Springs

Our Encased Coil Pocket Spring mattresses are drastically different from innerspring mattresses. They create an independent suspension system comprised of several hundred individually fabric-encased springs. No one spring is physically tied to (or impacted by) another, allowing for superior level of support with numerous benefits.

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Luxury Hybrid

Designed for those seeking ultimate comfort and support, our Luxury Hybrid mattresses blend two outstanding technologies into one remarkable mattress.

Quantum Edge™ Technology provides support and motion separation unmatched by any other sleep system on the market. Combined with our innovative high performance foams, this mattress line breaks the boundaries of traditional comfort.

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Micro Coil Collection

Our Micro Coil mattresses utilize individually encased springs and ultra-flexible encased wire to give increased support while providing the ultimate comfort.

The new Micro Coil Collection utilizes the sleep technology to make this mattress sleep system ideal for those seeking the ultimate in personalized comfort and support.

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Memory Foam

The Memory Foam mattresses are a perfect alternative to a traditional innerspring mattress.

Using the latest Visco foam technology, this collection provides reduced motion transfer, exceptional support, and pressure relief to the shoulders, back and hips.

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Gel Foam

Enjoy a cooler night's rest with our Gel Foam Mattress. This Visco foam mattress is gel-infused for a cooling response that moderates body temperature, providing superior comfort and a deeper night's sleep.

With more support than the traditional foam mattress, this gel-infused collection also achieves advanced pressure relief.

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Mattress in Box

The Mattress in Box Foam Mattress is designed for comfort and support. It is designed to reduce motion transfer while reducing stress on pressure points, providing a comfort level only memory foam can provide. The Visco memory foam mattress features a multi-layer foam core designed to provide a premium night's rest, letting you wake up refreshed. The mattress includes a comfortable stretch-knit cover to protect it from stains & is backed by a 5 year warranty.

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